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Accelerate Your Career: Obtain Your Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Rating in Just 3-4 Days

Join the ranks of successful students who complete our 3 to 4-day multi-engine program each month. If you're seeking a fast and efficient path to your multi-engine add-on, this program is tailored for you.

Prepare for success with our online prep course covering multi-engine systems, procedures, maneuvers, and performance. Dive into two days of rigorous flight training, leading up to your check-ride on day three or four, depending on scheduling and weather conditions.

Don't delay your advancement in aviation. Enroll now and take the first step towards achieving your multi-engine add-on rating swiftly and confidently.

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Explore the Benefits of Our Accelerated Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Program:

  • Access to a Pre-Program Online Ground Course: Equip yourself with essential knowledge and readiness for training and your check-ride through our comprehensive online course.

  • Up to 7 Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Time: Gain hands-on experience with up to 7 hours of flight training in multi-engine aircraft, guided by experienced instructors.

  • Personalized Mock Oral Session: Engage in a one-on-one mock oral examination with your instructor to refine your understanding and prepare effectively for your assessment.

  • Pre/Post-Flight Debrief Sessions: Maximize your learning and growth with dedicated debrief sessions before and after each flight, providing valuable feedback from your instructor.

Seize this opportunity to accelerate your aviation journey. Enroll now and take the next step towards achieving your commercial multi-engine add-on rating.

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What You’ll Need to Begin

  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine Certificate

  • Must be instrument's current

  • Must be under 300 lbs

  • 3rd class (or higher) FAA medical certificate

  • Passport OR birth certificate

  • Driver’s license

  • TSA approval if not a US citizen

  • Multi-Engine Rental Insurance

  • Affordable housing is available.

  • A simulator is available for additional training on procedures, systems, and maneuvers at your convenience.


Type of Training
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