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Discovery Flight, Flying High Again


Discovery Flight

The Discovery Flight is your first step into the world of flying.  First, you’ll do a pre-flight checkout and learn some safety and aircraft basics.  Then, with a 30-minute flight you'll get to take the controls under the supervision and guidance of one of our highly trained certified instructors.  You'll learn how airplanes fly and what it takes to become a pilot!


If you're wanting a great introduction into the world of aviation or just looking for that special gift, for only $199 the Discovery Flight is a great place to start.  We always progress at a pace that you are comfortable with, so you can begin to learn basic maneuvers or you can just relax and take pictures from the sky!  Contact us today to take your next step and see the beautiful skies of Nashville and Middle Tennessee from a different perspective with Flying High Again.

Flying High Again Discovery Flight
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