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Stacey Harrison
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Stacey Harrison


Stacey's parents would take him to BNA after lunch on Sundays after church, and he’d stand there with fingers clutched through the chain-link fence for a good hour or two and just stare at arriving and departing aircraft. It was then that he knew flying is what he wanted to do forever. When you’re that young, you have no idea of the challenges ahead or how hard you’ll have to push yourself to make that dream come true. 


Fast forward 40 years or so, and the only thing Stacey loves doing as much as flying is talking about it, sharing it, and seeing the happiness it brings others.

 For young and not so young aspiring aviators, he recommends don’t ever quit, and never give up or listen to anyone that will take your eyes of the goal.  Keep going until you make your dream come true, it’s so worth it!

When not flying, Stacey is an avid outdoorsman, doing things like fly fishing, hunting, shooting, hiking, camping, and scuba diving. He enjoys spending time with his family and three dogs, and has been married to wife Jennifer for 19 years. He also enjoys cooking, traveling, a good movie, live concerts and symphonies. He started flying at MTSU, and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a double minor in Sociology and aviation Pro-Pilot.

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